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To discover our collection, please contact us to
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T. +33 (0)1 42 33 52 96

Printemps Haussmann

64 Boulevard Haussmann
75009 PARIS

Hotel Ritz

Ritz galerie
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Temps & Passion

31 Boulevard des Moulins
98000 MONACO

Embracing difference

There are no absolutes! Time has been passing through the hour and minute hands for 7 centuries. No need to look at hands anymore: the Trilobe watch is pointing to a new pole, enhanced with nonconformity and jostling encounters. The watch leaves time travelling along its own path and reinventing its wheel. Thus a new classic is born, hands less, but with a sprinkle of magic!

a conceptual reversal

Yesterday, time was frozen under rotating hands. With the Trilobe watch, time starts moving. Emboldened by this momentum, three rotating rings rush forward, carrying with them the scales of time: the largest ring for hours, the median one for minutes, the smallest one for seconds. A new classic.

Can you tell the time?
Sure, I have time!

Will you need a quarter-second more to read the time? What if it were time to free oneself from this harrying sense of immediacy? To no longer live in haste and hurry? Isn’it taking his time a true luxury? Join Trilobe in its new round of time: a time set in motion, a time now liberated.
Trilobe. Time. Liberated.

  • The Trilobe

  • Architecture

  • Design

  • Eccentricity

An ornamental pattern made of several circular arcs.

An architectural motif that echoes the three pillars of time - Hours, Minutes and Seconds. Timeless and universal, this figure gives its name to the brand, and becomes the new indicator of time.

The Sainte-Chapelle rosace

Chosen for the skeleton of the seconds disc. A mysterious place for Parisians, far from the distracted eyes of passers-by. A so-called "radiant" architecture, allowing the rays of light to enter. No other building had been so bright before its construction. A luminous and subtle invitation to the heart of the movement.

Three eccentric and rotating rings

Turning counterclockwise. An opposite stance from traditional watchmaking.

A few hidden details

And the three non-aligned trilobes? Why not? A touch of poetry and eccentricity on your wrist.

on your wrist

It is 8 hours, 0 minutes and 8 seconds.

Setting the watch:
A familiar and simple gesture that makes setting the time of your watch as natural as it is intuitive.
Pull the crown and turn in either direction to position the trilobes according to the hours and minutes of the time you wish. Then pull the crown out to its initial position.


Les Matinaux

Our first collection. Inspired by the author René Char and his poetry collection "Les Matinaux". Three circles, eight variations: which one would you choose?


The watch observer